14 Meter Telehandler JCB 537-135

Tanzeem’s 14 Metre Telehandler is a highly versatile machine, designed to deliver maximum performance with traditional JCB reliability, durability and productivity in the toughest working conditions.

  1. The ergonomic operator station provides comfort and protection with excellent all-round visibility and convenient, logical controls.
  2. This machine delivers exceptional performance to meet your specific site needs.
  3. The side-mounted JCB engine, combined with JCB axles and transmission, ensures reliable drive train performance from well-proven components.
  4. Three steering selections — All Wheel Steer, Front Wheel Steer and Crab Steer modes ensures ease of operation, while a right turn radius of 13 ft 5 in. gives greater maneuverability.
  5. Maximum lift capacity of 10,000 lbs, maximum lift height of 44 ft 3 in and lift capacity of 2,500 lbs at full reach, all improve productive capacity.
  6. The 550-140 comes with heavy-duty stabilizers as standard. These ensure safe placement of heavy loads to full height.
  7. Frame leveling, giving improved load placing as well as easier transportation of bulky loads.
  8. 100 hp JCB Dieselmax engine gives this machine all the power needed to get the job done!
  9. Strong boom construction is a feature of JCB Loadalls; the inner boom material extends forward and wraps downward to form the boom head. This is a critical stress point in digging applications. The JCB design spreads the stresses throughout the boom eliminating fatigue and potential failure at the boom nose. Large boom overlap between inner and outer sections ensures no boom distortion and avoids potential failure.
  10. A one-piece welded frame, with thick steel sections for added rigidity, gives this machine excellent longevity even in the toughest environments.
  11. Frame, boom and carriage are all extensively tested to ensure maximum resistance to fatigue failure.
  12. With heavy-duty polyethylene replacing sheet metal on vulnerable bodywork, damage potential is minimized.
  13. Low friction, long-life, wear pads plus long service intervals of 500 hours for boom lubrication and engine servicing reduce running costs and ensure reliability.

Tanzeem 14 Metre Telehandler

  • * (Check Load Charts) Minimum Maximum
  • Max Load Capacity – Straight Lift – Max Height 1500kg 3500kg
  • Max Load Capacity – Straight Lift – * Rated Height 2500kg* 3500kg*
  • Max Forward Reach @ Ground Level 7900mm 9000mm
  • Max Load Capacity @ Max Forward Reach -Ground Level 350kg 1250kg*
  • Max Lift Height 13500mm 13700mm
  • Cab Height 2590mm 2600mm
  • Width 2350mm 2480mm
  • Weight 9360kg 10880kg