Our Vision & Values


To contribute to the success of our customer’s business!

The team at Tanzeem Heavy Equipment Rental LLC seeks continually to contribute to the success of our customer’s business and profitability by consistently providing the right business solutions to our clients in all areas in United Arab Emirates.
Our mission is to build long lasting partnerships by helping our clients develop a plan of action that best fits their needs. We serve as an extension to our client’s business activities, providing a level of service that will not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations. We are a dedicated partner in our clients’ overall success.
Customer satisfaction will always be the highest priority for us. We deliver high-quality products and highly integrated solutions that provide the best return on investment to customers.



To continue being our customers’ single source supplier of heavy-equipment!

The team at Tanzeem Heavy Equipment Rental LLC seeks to continue being our customer’s single-source supplier of heavy-equipment by continually nurturing our close customer relationships and by providing exceptional customer service with 100% customer satisfaction



We value partnership, quality, honesty and expediency in all that we do!

Our values are based on our proud and shared traditions and guide our actions as we go forward to create our future. We work with customers as a team and we strive to ensure we are their partner of choice.
Tanzeem Heavy Equipment Rental LLC is very particular about which manufactures we represent as we seek only to provide the best quality construction equipment. We seek long-term partnerships with out clients by maintaining the equipment that we lease and sell and by sticking with our clients every step of the way from project conception to goal completion. Our goal is to minimize our clients’ down time so we can keep them moving forward by supplying equipment that offers you better value through increased performance, reliability and quality.
We stress a high sense of urgency, honesty and quality in everything we do.