Telehandler JCB 532-120 9 Meter

Tanzeem 9 Metre Telehandler delivers high performance to meet your specific job site needs. This Telehandler can effectively place bricks, roofing materials & trusses to a maximum height of 9.5m. A tight turning circle and three different steering modes (crab, two wheel, and circle steer) deliver excellent manoeuvrability. Work productively and safely in confined areas through a 48 degree axle turning circle and no rear tail swing.

Tanzeem 9 Metre Telehandler

  • * (Check Load Charts) Minimum Maximum
  • Max Load Capacity – Straight Lift – Max Height 1600kg 2000kg
  • Max Load Capacity – Straight Lift – * Rated Height 3000kg* 3500kg*
  • Max Forward Reach @ Ground Level 5200mm 6000mm
  • Max Load Capacity @ Max Forward Reach -Ground Level 500kg 600kg
  • Max Lift Height 9500mm 9500mm
  • Cab Height 2490mm 2583mm
  • Width 2290mm 2440mm
  • Weight 7870kg 8160kg


  1. Unique low mounted boom: Gives superior 360-degree visibility.
  2. Loader style controls: Easy to use controls for maximum productivity.
  3. Q-Fit Toolcarrier: Allows quick attachment changes and excellent bucket dump angles.
  4. Excellent lift capacity: 8000lbs maximum capacity, 22’11” lift height, 3500lbs at a maximum reach of 12’6″.
  5. “On-the-go” selectable steer modes: Gives excellent maneuverability.
  6. Heavy-duty chassis and boom: Features 1 inch chassis sideplates and reinforced boom nose for durability in loading applications.
  7. 102hp turbo engine with Powershift transmission: Side mounted for excellent service access.
  8. 2.0 cubic yard general-purpose bucket: Gives outstanding bucket capabilities