500 kva Generator

After extensive market research and several years’ success in selling to rental fleet operators, Olympian Generator Sets has introduced the GEP range of generating sets, specifically designed for use in this sector.
We now provide the GEP550 500 kVA Generator for Rent with 50Hz/60Hz switching facility. These sets are designed to meet all the requirements of fleet operators of generating sets, with the most commonly used ‘hardwire’ connection point included in the package as standard. These sets have the capability of monitoring each other (up to fifteen generators linked together) or our customers electrical use and sharing the load with the added capability taking the full load should any operating issues arise.
The sets are fully bunded and contain a minimum 8hr hour fuel tank which comes complete with cleaning access, an internal fuel fill point and internal baffles.
For ease of field maintenance we have fitted a sump drain pump and door stays to access doors.
The control panel houses all the necessary protections and circuitry. This eliminates the need to open the canopy side doors during operation; all adjustments to voltage and speed (if fitted with an electronic governor) can be made from the rear of the set.
All noise levels meet EC legislation and are approved by a Notified Body.

Generator Characteristics Specifications

  • kVA (kW) @ 50hz 500.0 (400.0)
  • Current per Phase (Amps) 557
  • Weight Including Fuel in KG’s (lbs) 6500 (14,278)
  • Length x Width x Height in mm (in) 4990 (196.5) x 1778 (70.0) x 2140 (84.3)
  • Noise LWA (dBA @ 7m) 82 (71.5)
  • Fuel Capacity ltrs (US gal) 1000 (264)
  • Consumption ltrs/hr (gal/hr) @ 50hz 102.4 (27.23)
  • Running Time at full load (hrs) @ 50hz 9