3 ton Tandem Roller

Mini Vibrating Roller

This mini vibrating roller’s best feature is that it is designed to cope in small and awkward areas that you wouldn’t be able to get to with a normal sized roller. It is a one person operated vibrating roller, used to repair or compress asphalt.
These mini vibrating rollers are perfect for small sites that need asphalt compressing such as sand, soil and gravel. It is petrol powered, meaning you don’t have to worry about powering it from a mains supply, ideal for outdoor jobs where you may need to move the roller to various places.
Vibrating roller hire is a great option for small compression jobs when one user can go over asphalt quickly and easily. It is fitted with an easy to steer handle bar, making the job even easier than you could have imagined!


  • – Rollers 120 cm with thickness 13 mm
  • – Drum drive, rear vibration can be switched off
  • – 4 cm misalignment on both sides
  • – 2 cleaning rake each roller
  • – 220 liters water tank with level indicator
  • – Sprinkling system with timer and water pump automatically shutting down when roller stops
  • – Folding Roll bar
  • – Kubota engine D1703 with 3 cylinders 25,2 kW (34 Hp) +30% versus series 3
  • DIMENSIONS (mm) and WEIGHT BW120 AD-4
  • – length 2470
  • – height with Rops folded / raised 1800/2490
  • – Weight 2600 kg