100 Ton Mobile Crane Hire

The 6-axle 100 tonne all terrain crane is specified by Tanzeem to allow the crane to carry its own ballast delivering a significant cost saving to the customer. The crane is available with a carrier length of just 11m. With its 13.3t counterweight carried on the crane, the axle load is just 12t, and even sub 10t axle loads are possible. The crane has a 50m main boom and optional 9.2m to 17.5m boom extension. A state-of-the-art engine and transmission ensure great travel comfort.
Max lifting capacity100 t
Telescopic boom 12.5 – 50.2 m
Boom extension 8 m
Driving Speed 80 km/h
Operational Weight 60 t
Total length 14.08 m
Total height 3.86 m
Turning radius 11.63 m