Generator Hire

Tanzeem Power Solutions

Our diesel generators with higher than standard spec electrical distribution fleet has been specifically tailored to meet the needs of many sectors of industry, enabling us to deliver electric power whenever and wherever it’s required.

One call to us on 04-2586555 is all that’s needed to contact our power generation specialists. All of our personnel are highly trained in all aspects of generator rental and will advise on the most appropriate solution to meet your specific requirements.

Size KW Rating Fuel Capacity Approx. Fuel consumption at 75% load Sockets or Hardwire
20kVA* 16 45 L 4.5L/Hr Sockets
30kVA 24 147 L 5.5 L/Hr Both
36 525 L 9 L/Hr Both
60kVA* 48 525 L 11 L/Hr Both
64 525 L 16.5 L/Hr Both
80 822 L 20 L/Hr Both
200kVA 160 920 L 36 L/Hr Both
250kVA 200 920 L 42 L/Hr Both
350kVA 280 540 L 58 L/Hr Hardwire
500kVA 400 1400 L 76 L/Hr Hardwire